• Lumishore, an esteemed English company, is renowned for its commitment to quality. Operating from its headquarters in Swansea, Wales, the company takes great pride in its products, all of which are meticulously designed and manufactured in-house.
  • Among Lumishore’s impressive offerings, its Underwater Lights are truly exceptional. Crafted from marine bronze and adaptable to various hull types, these lights not only deliver outstanding performance but also create a captivating visual spectacle.
  • Lumishore utilizes cutting-edge, high-efficiency LEDs that stand out as some of the brightest in the market, boasting an astonishing 45,000 Lumens. Paired with an exceptionally broad light beam spanning up to 110 degrees, they cast a mesmerizing halo effect that enhances any underwater scene.


With an extensive array of models catering to a wide spectrum of needs, from smaller tenders to luxurious superyachts, Lumishore’s Underwater Lights are available in EOS RGBW version, the SUPRA dual color, full power blue and full power white, and  ORA series single color lights.

What sets these lights apart is their comprehensive color spectrum, which includes a wide range from warm white at 2,700K to cool white at 6,500K, all within the same lighting fixture. This versatility empowers users to create the perfect ambiance, indoors or outdoors, with ease and precision.

Furthermore, they offer versatile integration options with various plotters, ensuring a seamless experience for users. The product is backed by an impressive warranty, and it complies with certifications from respected maritime authorities such as Rina, Lloyd, ABS, and DNV-GL.


In recent years, Lumishore has expanded its product range beyond underwater lighting, venturing into the realm of “above-water” lighting.

This new line features indoor and outdoor lights, boasting an impressive IP68 rating, which ensures their durability and resilience in various environments. These lights are not just a standalone addition; they seamlessly integrate into the onboard system, allowing for effortless synchronization.

With a simple touch, the entire set of onboard lights can be harmoniously adjusted, even changing their colors simultaneously.

With extensive knowledge we can provide installation and support on highest level.

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